Welcome to the Strategic Office for the Development of Al-Baha Region

Today, we invite you to join a distinguished work team that contributes to achieving an ambitious vision to bring about a qualitative shift in the Al-Baha region.

We are looking for qualified national talents with creative visions and great enthusiasm to contribute to the comprehensive development project for the region, starting with building infrastructure and creating an attractive environment for investment, and ending with strengthening heritage industries and advancing tourism.

We believe that this ancient region is full of exceptional talents capable of advancing its reality to the level of the aspirations of its sons and daughters.

If you have a passion for hard work, a spirit of initiative and innovation, and a desire to serve your community, then you are welcome to join us and contribute to creating a better future.

We look forward to receiving employment applications and selecting the best elements to build a pioneering work team that befits the reputation and ancient history of Al Baha.

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